Ole Miss From A to Z

Ole Miss from A to Z is a children’s book about The University of Mississippi and its traditions, history, landmarks, famous alumni, sports and more. Written in rhyme with beautiful full-color illustrations, Ole Miss from A to Z is both educational and entertaining. Share your love of Ole Miss with the children in your life.

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Ole Miss Activity Book

The Ole Miss Activity Book is full of word games and coloring pages that will provide hours of fun for young Rebels of all ages. Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches, Word Scrambles, Fill-in-the-blanks, Matching, and Break the Code exercises teach children about the University of Mississippi’s history, traditions, landmarks, famous alumni, sports and more. Children will learn interesting information about the Ole Miss Rebels and their SEC rivals, as well as the common terms used in football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, track, and golf.

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The Adventures of Foxy Reb

The Adventures of Foxy Reb tells the story of how a young fox living in the Grove becomes the famous Foxy Reb. Children will join Foxy and his best friend, Bandit, a resourceful, rotund Raccoon, in their adventures in the Grove, in Vaught Hemingway Stadium, and Swayze Field. They will meet Happy, the bossy little bluebird, Miss Petunia, the prissy possum, Jake, the dapper deer, Old Croak, the bad-tempered bull frog, Cooper, the rowdy retriever, and an army of arguing armadillos as they all help Foxy on his journey to become Foxy Reb.

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Twas the Night before the Egg Bowl

Twas the Night before The Egg Bowl is a story about a prank played on Ole Miss’s coach by Mississippi State fans on the eve of the Egg Bowl and how Ole Miss fans retaliate after the game is over. The ending is a hilarious surprise for all. Written in the familiar rhyme scheme of Twas the Night before Christmas, young Rebels are sure to love this book.

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Be a Rebel Fan Like Finn

Be a Rebel Fan like Finn is all about good sportsmanship. Finn, short for Finneous R. Landshark, sets a great example for all Rebel fans. Finn’s double first cousin, Muddford R. Catfish, known as The Mud Cat, is the exact opposite. The way the Mud Cat behaves in The Grove and in Vaught Hemingway stadium is an embarrassment to his family and to Ole Miss. Finn helps Mud Cat learn good sportsmanship. Young Rebel fans who read the story will learn how to be good sports too.

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I Love Ole Miss

I Love Ole Miss is about everything fans love about The University and being a Rebel.  I Love Ole Miss gives children a tour around Ole Miss.  They will enjoy the new and the old landmarks, new mascot Tony, and learn about the praise and awards Ole Miss has received through the years, especially recently!

Ole Miss Rebel Blues CD!

Get your Ole Miss Rebel boogie on with this Ole Miss Rebel Blues CD! Produced at the Tone Room in Oxford, MS by Bryan W. Ward and featuring vocalist Damein Wash, The Ole Miss Rebel Blues is played in Vaught Hemingway stadium when the Rebels win! Listen for it as you leave the stadium!

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